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Small Business Owners are great people…driven by passion, hard working, often managing their businesses alone without much support.  They are smart too…in fact they actually have all the answers they need to solve their headaches, avoid failure, grow faster and have more fun. What they don’t always have is the right question.  Do you have all the right questions to ask to make your business into the business you deserve? If not, I’d love to help.

Your Passion, Expertise, and Super Hero powers coupled with my questions and broad experience across disciplines and industries, will help you focus your energy and effort in unbelievably powerful ways. You’ve already got the answers, my expertise is helping you find them. The overlap between the Expertise and Big Fun is where the Smart Stuff is…Let’s go find that together!

My Key Beliefs:

• Entrepreneurs are smart: Entrepreneurs can get the right answer 85% of the time with only common sense and a Ouija board
• 85% isn’t good enough: With a good idea and a lot of hard work, 85% will go a long ways, but 85% won’t win in the long run.
• The key is asking the right questions: Asking the right question is the only way to get the right answer.
• The 3rd decimal isn’t important (usually): Delaying a decision for extra precision is detrimental, and sometimes fatal.
• Ties and 3-piece suits are old school: Why would you want anyone who looks, acts, or thinks like the 20th century?