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My name is AJ Sue. I am a business coach and consulting guy right here in Middleton WI. I like to think of myself as more of an “anti-consultant” because I’m personal, collaborative, and “apple simple” in my approach to helping you improve your business. My special ability is asking exceptional questions that get down to the core issues and drive pragmatic decision-making. I find great joy in helping businesses connect-the-dots….

I’ve got broad experience across disciplines and industries, but my clients choose me because I am an exceptional listener and question asker. You likely already have the answer inside your head, my expertise is helping you find it. Metaphorically, I want to help you pick the ripest apples from your barrel in the smartest ways.

What I believe:

• Entrepreneurs are smart: Entrepreneurs can get the right answer 85% of the time with only common sense and a ouija board
• 85% isn’t good enough: With a good idea and a lot of hard work, 85% will go a long ways, but 85% won’t win in the long run.
• The key is asking the right questions: Asking the right question is the only way to get the right answer.
• The 3rd decimal isn’t important (usually): Delaying a decision for extra precision is detrimental, and sometimes fatal.
• Ties and 3-piece suits are old school: Why would you want anyone who looks, acts, or thinks like the 20th century?