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AJ Sue

AJ Sue
Business Coach & Consulting Guy

I am a Business Coach helping small business owners fail less, grow faster, and have more fun.

My 10+ years of business coaching has changed life and business trajectory of hundreds of small business owners. My 20+ years of Retail/Manufacturing finance and operations experience at nationally recognized organizations gives me an exceptionally deep and broad tool box of experience and expertise to apply to main street challenges.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs have more fun AND achieve their business goals faster by helping them tackle the obstacles that hold their businesses back.  I love how disciplined analysis, process consistency and sound planning can drive great business change and improvement.  I am a business pragmatist, and sometimes business strategist, but not a statistician.  My focus is on helping passionate business leaders drive profitable growth with less painful businesses processes, but not on fancy consultant talk or mind-numbing statistics.

I am really good at asking questions that help businesses focus on doing the things that really improve business growth and profitability.  I love helping businesses sort through the noise and get the core opportunities and issues. I love the information data yields in experienced hands.

Am I a geek?  Perhaps I am, but one who knows how to ask the right questions to help you get on the right track and be more successful.

I’d love to hear about your business because I love learning from business experts. I’d also love to hear about what is keeping you up at night, because I’m pretty sure I can help you get a better night’s rest with my experience and expertise.

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